•     Breeding soundness examination
  •     Insemination management (fresh and frozen semen)
  •     Diagnostics and therapy of cycle disorders
  •     Diagnostics and therapy of genital diseases
  •     Twin management
  •     Fetal sex determination
  •     Pregnancy monitoring



  •     Breeding suitability testing
  •     Diagnostics and therapy of genital diseases
  •     Sperm preservation and shipping
  •     Epididymal sperm collection and preservation



  •     Embryo transfer
  •     OPU (transvaginal follicular aspiration)


Spermatology, Accredited Central Laboratory:

  •  Submission of fresh and frozen semen samples (standard spermatology, computer-associated motility analysis, flow cytometric investigation of membrane integrity, acrosomal status and chromatin integrity)


List of services (color coded)


Prof. Dr. Harald Sieme

Dr. Anna Tönissen

Dr. Martin Köhne

Dr. Ir. Harriette Oldenhof


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