European College of Animal Reproduction (ECAR)

The European College of Animal Reproduction, ECAR for short ( is part of the European Board for Veterinary Specialisation (EBVS; The aim of both organisations is to train other highly qualified and specialised veterinarians under the guidance of European specialists in a particular field, in this case veterinary reproductive medicine.

ECAR aims to advance reproductive medicine, surgery and biotechnology in Europe and to increase the competence of those working in this field. This knowledge should serve our animal patients and be used for their benefit. In this context, the further education and training of veterinarians, but also of colleagues who are already recognised as ECAR graduates, plays an important role. Interest in research in reproductive medicine or the implementation of own research projects as well as willingness to transfer knowledge should be a matter of course.

The training begins with a one-year internship, which is followed by a three-year additional training programme, the so-called residency. Here, numerous reproductive medicine cases, scientific lectures and publications must be proven. Further information on the programme can be found here ( Following the training, a 2-day examination must be successfully passed in order to be entitled to bear the title Diplomate ECAR. This examination consists of a general and a specific part, focusing on the chosen species (small animals, horses, ruminants, pigs, biotechnology). Each Diplomate ECAR must be re-evaluated approximately every 5 years.

The Reproductive Medicine Unit of the University of Veterinary Medicine has long been an accredited training institution for the European College of Animal Reproduction (ECAR). In 2020, our institution was successfully re-evaluated.

The following specialties are covered:

  •     Equine reproduction
  •     Small animal reproduction
  •     Ruminant reproduction
  •     Swine reproduction
  •    Biotechnology of reproduction