Accredited Central Laboratory for Spermatology

Spermien lebend und tot
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The central laboratory for spermatology (DAkkS D-PL-13261-08) is accredited according to international standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 including the Mutual Recognition Arrangement by the International Organisation for Accreditation Bodies (ILAC MRA).

It is a recognized spermatology reference laboratory of the German Livestock Association (BRS e.V.) and the German Equestrian Federation FN e.V. in Warendorf.

In addition to standard microscopic procedures, a wide range of advanced spermatological methods including computer-assisted sperm analysis and flow cytometry are available. In the central laboratory for spermatology, spermatological test procedures for domestic animals are developed and validated using modern equipment technology.

Service profile

- Spermatological diagnostics:    standard spermatology and advanced tests

- Sperm compatibility tests

- Sperm preservation tests

- Sperm toxicity tests

Contact: Email to

Small animals: Prof. Dr. Sandra Goericke-Pesch

Cattle: Prof. Dr. Csaba Bajcsy

Pig: Prof. Dr. Dagmar Waberski

Horse: Prof. Dr. Harald Sieme