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Gender Equality Commissioner

The Gender Equality Commissioner supports the university and its committees in the task of achieving the goal of a gender- and diversity-sensitive organizational culture.
This means in detail:

  • Advisory participation in staffing and appointment procedures as well as other personnel decisions.
  • Participation in meetings of committees
  • Providing advice and support to university staff
  • Implementation of support programs and measures
  • Initiation of continuing education and training programs
  • Advisory participation in the development of funding guidelines as well as evaluation and implementation of an gender equality plan in cooperation with the Commission for Equality
  • Public relations
  • Cooperation with Gender Equality Commissioners of other universities, women's projects and initiatives
  • Participation in the working groups of equal opportunity officers in Lower Saxony and Germany


Commission for Equality

The Commission for Equality (Kommission für Gleichstellung- KfG) is a so-called 'Permanent Senate Commission' (NHG §42(1)).  The KfG develops proposals for the implementation of equality at the TiHo for the university management and the senate.

You can contact us if

  • you feel disadvantaged or discriminated against at your place of work/study
  • you have questions and suggestions regarding the compatibility of work/study and family
  • you have questions and suggestions for the Commission for Equality
  • you have suggestions and requests for further education and training events
  • you need information about special funding programs
  • you feel sexually harassed
  • or you just want to get some information: We have information material to take away, e.g. on the subject of maternity protection and parental leave, studies and children, single parents, women in science ...

Gender Equality Commissioner

Dr. Beate Pöttmann
Deputy Gender Equality Commissioner

direct dial +49 511 953-8012
fax +49 511 953-82-8012


Deputy Gender Equality Commissioner

Dr. Katharina Deichsel
2nd Deputy Gender Equality Commissioner

direct dial +49 511 953-8127
fax +49 511 953-82 8092


Martina Rutkowski


Martina Rutkowski

direct dial +49 511 953-7981
fax +49 511 953-82 7981

Chairwoman Commission for Equality

Prof. Dr. Franziska Richter Assencio
direct dial
+49 511 953-8720


Stiftung Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover

Bünteweg 2
30559 Hannover
Tel.: +49 511 953-7981
Fax: +49 511 953-827981



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Directions Equal Opportunities Office

arrival by public transport

From the main station, take underground line 1 (direction Laatzen/Sarstedt), 2 (direction Rethen) or 8 (direction Messe/Nord) two stops to Aegidientorplatz. Change at Aegidientorplatz and take line 6 (towards Messe/Ost) to the Bünteweg/Tierärztliche Hochschule stop. The stop is directly in front of the university's administration building (TiHo Tower, Bünteweg 2).

Arrival by car

From the north/west/east

Take the Messeschnellweg (A37) southbound (Messe) and leave the expressway at the Bult exit. Then turn left and follow the road towards Bemerode. Bünteweg branches off to the left after the railway subway. The TiHo Tower is on the corner of Bemeroder Straße and Bünteweg.

From the south

On the Messeschnellweg (A37) towards Celle, turn right towards Bemerode at the Bult exit. Bünteweg branches off to the left after the railway subway. The TiHo Tower is on the corner of Bemeroder Straße/Bünteweg.