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The present Institute of Microbiology was founded in 1901 as the Institute of Hygiene. In the same year, the Institute under the direction of Prof. Karl Dammann moved into the building at the then new location of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover at Bischofsholer Damm, where it is still located today.

The tasks of the institute can be divided into the three areas of research, teaching and diagnostics & services.


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The research work of the institute is concerned with bacterial pathogens of veterinary importance, some of which are also relevant for human health as zoonotic pathogens. The focus is on investigations to identify bacterial virulence factors and to elucidate pathogen-host interactions. The knowledge gained is used to develop new or improved diagnostic methods and to research vaccines. [more]

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Our teaching offer includes lectures, seminars and exercises on infection theory, general and special bacteriology and mycology, lectures on animal disease control as well as seminars and exercises in the context of clinical specialization training for students of veterinary medicine. In addition, we offer lectures, seminars and exercises for students of biology and biochemistry (Bachelor and Master programs) as well as courses and seminars for students in the PhD programs of the TiHo. [more]

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Diagnostic Service

The services of our diagnostic laboratory include the identification and differentiation of aerobic and anaerobic infectious and pathogenic agents that are important in a wide variety of livestock and pets. Other services include resistance testing according to TÄHAV and typing of infectious agents. [more]


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Institute of Microbiology


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