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Gender equality for all members of the university

TiHo is expressly committed to the social mandate to create a solid basis for gender equality for its members in all areas. The goal of all measures is to shape and continuously improve the gender- and diversity-sensitive organizational culture.

The diverse equality-oriented activities are bundled and coordinated in the Equal Opportunities Office. The team of the Equal Opportunities Office supports the university in realizing good conditions for studying and working.
The tasks and subject areas essentially include:

  •     Development of measures and projects relevant to equal opportunities
  •     Participation in structural and personnel decisions of the university
  •     Participation in the development planning of the university
  •     Participation in the preparation of the gender equality plan
  •     Preparation of concepts and reports as well as participation in the implementation of the DFG's research-oriented gender equality standards, and
  •     Advising all university members on equal opportunity issues


Legal basis for gender equality work at the TiHo

Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany, Article 3:
(2) Men and women shall have equal rights. The state shall promote the actual implementation of equal rights for women and men and shall work towards the elimination of existing disadvantages.

(3) No one shall be discriminated against or given preferential treatment on account of sex, descent, race, language, nationality and origin, creed, religious or political views. No one may be disadvantaged because of his or her disability.

Further legal basis:

Gender equality plan of the Tiho:

Gender equality plan 2024-2027


Gender Equality Commissioner

Dr. Beate Pöttmann
Personalentwicklung; stellv. Gleichstellungsbeauftragte
direct dial
+49 511 953-8012
+49 511 953-82 8012


Martina Rutkowski
Assistenz; Gleichstellungsbüro
direct dial
+49 511 953-7981
+49 511 953-82 7981