Quality assurance in study and teaching


The TiHo offers its students excellent training in all areas of veterinary medicine and animal biology in an environment ranging from basic to practical clinical education. For this purpose, the TiHo adjusts the curriculum in a constant dialogue with the students, the teachers and the profession within the scope of the legal possibilities to new professional and social challenges. The aim of the TiHo is to provide students with the ability to think and solve themselves and to prepare them for lifelong learning.

Organisation of quality assurance

Quality Assurance is part of the board position for "Strategic development, University Controlling and Quality Management" and includes

Process of quality assurance

The continuous process of improvement of the study programmes and their organisation is performed by the TiHo together with internal and external stakeholders

Methods of Quality Assurance

Target agreements with the state of Lower Saxony

External evaluation procedures of the study programs:

Veterinary Medicine (by the EAEVE)

MSc Animal Biology and Biomedical Sciences (by the Accreditation Council)

BEST-VET: Part-time continuing education courses in veterinary medicine (by the Accreditation Council)

Internal evaluations of courses by students in all study programs (for results, see teaching reports) based on the Regulations for Internal Evaluation at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover for the areas of study and teaching ( 244/2017) and the Procedural Guideline for the Implementation of Internal Evaluations in the Areas of Study and Teaching (245/2017).

Further development of modern forms of teaching by:
Educational research and support for teachers by the ZELDA.
Continuing education courses in higher education didactics for teachers (internal)