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Finding a good balance between work or studies and family obligations - whether this concerns one's own children, grandchildren or relatives in need of care - is a challenge. The TiHo strives to support all university members in meeting this challenge.


SARS-CoV-2 wird von Seife zerstört

SARS-CoV-2 information for families


Spielzeug, Laptop, Kaffee

Family friendly infrastructure


Silhouette von altem Paar auf buntem Hintergrund

Caring for relatives


Surveys on job satisfaction among scientific staff at the TiHo

Gender Equality Commissioner

Dr. Beate Pöttmann
stellv. Gleichstellungsbeauftragte
direct dial +49 511 953-8012
fax +49 511 953-82-8012


Martina Rutkowski
Assistenz; Gleichstellungsbüro
direct dial +49 511 953-7981
fax +49 511 953-82 7981