Code for scientific working

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Safeguarding of good research practice

For scientific self-regulation, the safeguarding of good research practice is an essential prerequisite for scientific work and an important instrument.
Scientific work is based on principles that are the same in all countries and in all scientific disciplines. First and foremost is honesty towards oneself and others. It is both an ethical norm and the basis of the rules of scientific professionalism, i.e. good scientific practice, which vary from discipline to discipline. To convey these to students and young scientists and to ensure the conditions for their validity and application in practice is a core task of teaching and the self-government of science. Good scientific practice is also a prerequisite for efficient research that is recognized in international competition. A violation of these principles is scientific misconduct. If there is a suspicion of scientific misconduct, the university's responsibility requires it to clarify the facts in an orderly procedure and, if necessary, to take the sanction measures provided for by the legal system. For this purpose, there is a commission for self-regulation in science by the universities and ombudspersons as the first point of contact.

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