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As a TiHo student or lecturer - or as a person involved in the organisation of teaching or research - you can complete many processes conveniently online.  Simply click on the link provided for your user group and log in with your TiHo user ID and password.

(Please note that the websites are only available in German.)



Consent to the use of cookies

A cookie containing a session identifier is set for the duration of the session. It is deleted when you log out or close the browser.

By logging in to one of the two portals, you consent to this cookie.


Your contact for questions about TiHoStudIS / TiHoDozIS:

Dr. Torsten Carl
Dezernat 5 - Internet, Campus Management
direct dial
+49 511 953-8089
+49 511 953-82 8089

Are you no longer able to log in to TiHoStudIS?

You may have to reset your password first!

For security reasons, the password expires after six months. You will then need to update it via the mail system (Outlook Web App).


Acess to the mail system

After entering your IDM number and the old password, a form appears in which you can set a new password. This must be just as complex as the old one; however, it must not be the same, as the system remembers your last 5 passwords. So you have to be creative...

After setting the password, TiHoStudIS will work again - of course with the new password.

Please also remember to update any old password you may have saved in your browser or on your smartphone!

Studentin vor Notebook
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