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Successfully defended the thesis: summer term 2024

Sophia Ricarda Mayr, Institute of Physiology and Cell Biology, TiHo
Ricardo Schmidt, Institute of Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Pharmacy, TiHo
Ines Marlene Tapken, SMATHERIA gGmbH – Non-Profit Biomedical Research Institute, Hannover
Kathrin Wicke, Institute of Zoology, TiHo
Alina Carola Zacher, Institute of Zoology, TiHo



ZSN seminar

ZSN seminars in summer term 2024.

18 April 2024 talks by Rebecca Kotzur, PhD and Dr. med. Caroline Perner
25 April 2024: Prof. Dr. med. Amir Samii

There are separate invitations.

Organised by ZSN students as 2nd Year Project.