Handwritten or notarized

The simplest and most common form of writing a will is the handwritten will. If you choose this form, you must handwrite the entire text, mark it with the place and date, and sign it with your first and last name. It should also bear the heading "Will" or "My last will and testament". Deletions within the text should be avoided so that there is no cause for contesting the will. A notarial remark is not required. For a small fee, the handwritten will can be deposited with the local court, thus ensuring that it is not lost or falls into unauthorized hands. The notarized will is prepared by the notary and deposited by him with the competent district court. If the circumstances to be regulated are complicated, this procedure is recommended.

A will can be changed or revoked at any time. Already with the drawing up of a will with a newer date, the previous one automatically becomes invalid. To be on the safe side, however, you should destroy the old will.