Adapter tube

This illustration shows an adapter tube for a bypass system of an anaesthesia device for large animals.


Cervical Stent

The illustration shows a further development of a cervical stent as described by Krohn et al. (2019).

In simple terms, it is used to permanently drain secretions from the uterus of mares (e.g. in the case of pyometra).

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Blood circulation model

This model simulates the blood circulation of humans or animals.

The simulator has been copied and modified from a model of the Institute for Molecular and Cellular Physiology of the Hanover Medical School.

MSORT (MultiSite Optical Recording Technique) -Set up

Set up for measuring neuronal activities / action potentials mounted on a vibration-free table with Faraday cage for absorbing electromagnetic interference signals. The microscope is placed on a cross table specially designed for this application, which can move the microscope in the µm range in X and Y direction. Micromanipulators can be placed on the stage attachment as required.


Perfusion chamber

The perfusion chamber is used for heating and supplying a tissue preparation with a preheated nutrient solution.

Organ bath

Set up for measuring muscle contraction/relaxation.


Rumen Symulation Technique (RUSITEC) System

In this 6-fermenter Rusitec system, the fermentation processes of a ruminant rumen, for example, can be simulated. A constant movement of a flask through the fermenter mixes the feed in the rumen juice taken from the donor animal like in the animal's prestomach.


Restraint rack for cattle

A double restraint rack is shown in the illustration. For student training, the "enclosure" of the bovine is essential for reasons of occupational safety. The side walls and doors can be opened wide to allow a comfortable walk into and out of the constrained stall for the animal.