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Systems Neuroscience Goes IdeenExpo2024!

Our PhD students of the Center “Systems Neuroscience” (ZSN), a virtual center consisting of working groups from TiHo, MHH, LUH and HMTMH, will provide thrills and insights into neuroscience in a bilingual workshop (German, English) at IdeenExpo 2024. At various stations, participants can learn about the structure and functions of the nervous system and experience what they have learned directly through small experiments. In addition to an insight into the physiological nervous system, the workshop also offers a closer look into an altered and impaired nervous system caused by illnesses. Last but not least, participants will have the opportunity to ask the young scientists from various disciplines (biology, biochemistry, veterinary medicine, psychology) questions about studying and everyday laboratory life.

Promovendi PhD programme "Systems Neuroscience“

This summer term 2024 were awarded the title PhD or Dr. rer. nat.:

Wing Ho Chua, Clinic for Neurology, MHH
Sophia Ricarda Mayr, Institute of Physiology and Cell Biology, TiHo
Ricardo Schmidt, Institute of Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Pharmacy, TiHo
Ines Marlene Tapken, SMATHERIA gGmbH – Non-Profit Biomedical Research Institute, Hannover
Kathrin Wicke, Institute of Zoology, TiHo
Alina Carola Zacher, Institute of Zoology, TiHo

Our sincere congratulations!

Semester key dates

Summer term 2024

Lectures 15 Apr. – 19 July 2024
Re-enrolment 12 Feb. – 15 Mar. 2024
HGNI stipend for finishing the thesis (application deadline) 31 Mar.
PhD defence:  
Submission of PhD thesis until 23 Feb. 2024
evaluation reports: latest until 23 Mar. 2024
PhD defence (11 + ) 12 Apr. 2024
Promotion 14 June 2024

Winter term 2024/25

Lectures 7 Oct. 2024 – 27 Jan. 2025
Re-enrolment 15 July – 1 Sept. 2023
PhD students' meeting at Graduate School Day 22 Nov. 2024
PhD stipend for finishing the thesis (application deadline) 30 Sept.
PhD defence:  
Submission of the PhD thesis until 6 Sept. 2024
evaluation reports: latest until 7 Oct. 2024
PhD defence 17 + 18 Oct. 2024
Promotion ceremony 6 Dec. 2024

Graduate School Day

22/23 Nov. 2024 (Fri/Sat)

Summer term 2025

Lectures 14 Apr. – 18 July 2025
Re-enrolment 20 Jan. – 19 Feb. 2025
HGNI stipend for finishing the thesis (application deadline) 31 Mar.
PhD defence:  
Submission of PhD thesis until 17 Feb. 2025
evaluation reports: latest until 21 Mar. 2025
PhD defence (3 + ) 4 Apr. 2025