Erasmus+ DigitalMarine educational and research training

The DigitalMarine project is an online distance learning platform focusing on marine model organisms. Master's students of six european universites are provided with video lectures, interviews with researchers, virtual labs and scientific literature to provide a more autonomous and differentiated learning experience. DigitalMarine aims to enrich the annual practical marine biology course (Schmid Training Course) in Naples, Italy or Roscoff, France, respectively.

Among many highlights for the students is the new ABC (Aerospace, Biology, Cancer) model system, the placozoan Trichoplax adhaerens. These most primitive of all metazoan animals can be collected from warm ocean waters with your pants on (see photo). Among many model system applications the ABC use of Trichoplax in a synergy of space research and developmental genetics in order to fight cancer in humans is one that fascinates not only students.

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Screenshot of a video lecture on placozoans by Prof. Dr. Bernd Schierwater
Professor Schierwater collecting and explaining placozoans at Banyuls-sur-Mer.