Julia Metzger
Prof. Dr. Julia Metzger

Prof. Dr. Julia Metzger


University Professor

Phone +49 511 953-8874


Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Julia Metzger has been a university professor and institute director of the Institute for Animal Genomics at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover since October 2023. Prior to this, she led her research group 'Veterinary Functional Genomics' as a Heisenberg Professor at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin. Prof. Julia Metzger is a licensed veterinarian and has dedicated her research, since her Ph.D., to complex traits such as skeletal growth. In 2018, she completed her habilitation on 'Genome Analyses of Domesticated Animals Using High-Throughput Sequencing' and was recognized as a specialist veterinarian for molecular genetics and genetic engineering in 2022.




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Gustav Rosenberger-Memorial Award 2018 in recognition of outstanding scientific work

Founder: Specialized publisher M. & H. Schaper of Schlüterschen Verlagsgesellschaf

Society for the Advancement of Science about the Horse (GWP),

Promotional Award 2014 for the dissertation 'Genome-wide analyses of complex traits in the horse,' Europa-Halle, Celle Congress Center