Toxicologic Pathology Training Program

Toxicologic Pathology Training Program

A comprehensive Toxicologic Pathology Program is offered within the residency program of the TiHo. The program is subdivided into different seminars (modules) and receives support from speakers from Pharmaceutical and Chemical companies mainly located in Germany. The organ based lecture program provides a general overview on the morphology of organ systems, and examples of pharmacology based changes are part of the modules. Furthermore, examples of toxicity, clinical pathology parameters, biomarkers, carcinogenesis models and induced tumors are presented. The modules also will highlight the tumor classification in rodents. Additional general subjects such as introduction to regulatory toxicology, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, new technologies (-omics) and classical examples of toxicologic pathology are given.

Program Overview

Module Time Topic Speakers
1 Winter 2020/21 Introduction Nolte, Deschl, Harleman, Schaudien, Schumacher
2 Summer 2021 Respiratory System Rittinghausen, Germann, Rosenbruch, Schaudien, Kopf , Schröder
3 Summer 2021 Hepatobiliary System Nolte, Deschl, Rinke
4 Summer 2021 Urinary System Nolte, Deschl, Dietrich
5 Winter 2021 Drug development Romeike, Guionaud, Lenz, Schumacher
6 Winter 2021/22 Lab Animals Nolte, Mätz-Rensing, Rinke, Rittinghausen, Schaudien, Müller
7 Winter 2021/22 Female Genital System (Postponed) Frisk, Bach, Harleman, Marxfeld
8 Winter 2022/23 Male Genital System Nolte, Frisk, Bach, Harleman
9 Winter 2022/23 Gastrointestinal Tract Rittinghausen, Germann, Nolte, Schaudien
10 Summer 2023 Haematopoietic System Harleman, Rittinghausen, Guionaud
11 Summer 2023 Cardiovascular System Nolte, Rosch, Balme
12 Winter 2023 Clinpathology, Tox Path Careers Harleman, Hoppe, Haist, Hahn, Keresztes, Tangermann
13 Summer 2024 Skin, Special Senses Bach, Mecklenburg, Rittinghausen, Nolte, Sutter
14 TBD Nervous System Gröters, Marxfeld
15 TBD Muscle, Soft tissue, Bone and Teeth Schaudien, Nolte, Rittinghausen, Czasch/Müller
16 TBD Endocrine System Rittinghausen, Siudak, Schaudien, Huisinga


Participation is limited to pathology residents / PhD students from academy and is free of charge.

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