Online application three steps

By clicking on the underlined points you can start your application with the registration or go directly to the mail verification or application.


1. registration
Please first enter your personal contact details and create an account. After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email for account activation.

2. e-mail verification
When you enter the activation code, your account will be activated and you can log in with the user name and password of your choice contained in the e-mail.

3. application
Here you can enter the necessary information and upload certificates, your CV and, if applicable, proof of language skills.

If you need a visa, please remember to apply in time regardless of the application start date, the punctual start of studies is necessary.
The start of studies is Monday 09 October 2023.

Application deadline for WS 2023/24

The MSc Food Process and Product Engineering programme was newly established in 2022.

The deadline for applications is Monday, 15.07.2024!

Some useful information for studying abroad

Here you will find some practical  informationfor your study.


Important information for your studies

Please note that your studies will take place at the Artland Campus in Quakenbrück. Therefore, please look for an accommodation in Quakenbrück and nearby. Bigger cities for living that can be reached more easily via Nordwestbahn (train) from Quakenbrück are Osnabrück and Oldenburg. Living even farer away is not recommended.

For contact data of potential landlords and accommodation please see our Welcome File at the above topic "Some useful information for studying abroad".

As an international student you have to apply for a visa in the German embassy of your home country. Please note that for studying in Germany you have to prove that your livelihood is secured for the duration of your studies. You can prove this in the form of a blocked account (in principle at least EUR 10,332 per year), a scholarship (e.g. from DAAD) or a declaration of commitment. For more information please see the information of the German Ausländerbehörde

As soon as you have your visa please remind  to extend your visa as soon as possible here in Germany. Therefore, as a first step you will have to register in the city center of your residence city, e.g. in Quakenbrück (if you are living in another city e.g. Osnabrück or Oldenburg, you have to register there). For this, you will need a “Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung” which your landlord has to sign.

After that, you can extend your visa at the Ausländerbehörde at Landkreis Osnabrück (or others depending on your residence city).


For immigrants from third countries please consider the regulations of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees:

Refugees should also note that the monetary support from the government (basic support from the job center) ceases when you enroll as a student! We therefore recommend that you apply for a DAAD scholarship.

Possible scholarships and information about them you can find here:


Please note that living and studying in Germany might be more expensive than in your origin country. In general, it can be estimated that you might need roughly EUR 800 per month for living in Germany. Detailed information of your living costs in Germany can be found here:

Overview of living costs in Quakenbrück:

  • Accomodation (a room e.g. in a shared apartment)         300- 400 Euros
  • Health insurance                                                                            120 Euros
  • Living expenses (e.g. food)                                                            250 Euros


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