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Plane with bubble-window
View for counting cetacean from a bubble-window © Nino Pierantonio

Major international campaign to count whales by plane and from ship, July 2022.

In the project "Small Cetaceans in European Atlantic waters and the North Sea (SCANS-IV)", researchers from eight European countries are recording the current small cetacean populations in the North Sea and adjacent European Atlantic waters over a period of six weeks. The Institute for Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife Research (ITAW) of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover (TiHo) Foundation is coordinating this internationally unique population survey. Marine biologist Dr. Anita Gilles from Büsum has already participated in the last two SCANS as an observer and team leader during the surveys and as the person responsible for the data analyses. This year she is coordinating the observation missions and data analyses of all eight teams. The results of the fourth international porpoise, dolphin and cetacean survey campaign will be used to optimize cetacean conservation efforts.
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Summary of first results here:

Poster with first results from SCANS-IV Survey
Poster, 34th ECS Conference, Spain
Project data  
Project coordinator: Dr. Anita Gilles  
Project staff: Dr. Dominik Nachtsheim, Dr. Nadya Ramirez-Martinez, Dr. Bianca Unger  
Sponsorship German part: Bundesamt für Naturschutz, Bonn/Vilm  
Project partners and contacts:  
University of St Andrews, United Kingdom (Philipp Hammond, )  
Joint Nature Conservation Committee, United Kingdom (Nikki Taylor, )  
Wageningen Marine Research, Netherlands (Steve Geelhoed, )  
Aarhus University, Denmark (Signe Sveegaard, )  
Swedish Museum of Natural History, Sweden (Julia Carlström, )  
La Rochelle University, France (Matthieu Authier & Sophie Laran, )  
Instituto Español de Oceanografia, Spain (Camilo Saveedra, )  
University of Aveiro, CESAM - Centre of Environmental and Marine Studies and Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas, Portugal (Hélder Araújo, and Marina Sequeira,  

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SCANS-IV survey team
SCANS-IV survey team (c) Pelagis/La Rochelle