Among other things, we analyze the selenium content in body fluids (plasma, serum, milk), tissue samples (liver, muscle, intestinal biopsies), cell membranes and in feed, and we also demonstrate the activity of glucosidases in intestinal epithelial cells.

In the following table you will find information on the minimum quantities of the test material required in each case. Further substances on request from Ms. Heike Kanapin.

Please ensure that the sample material is sent well cooled (if possible at -20 ° C).

TA Heike Kanapin
Technische Mitarbeiterin; Labor
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fax +49 511 953-8585
  Plasma, Serum Tissue Sample, Biopsy Feed Rate
Selenium 1ml 1g 50g 35€
Lactose, Glucose, Galactose 1ml 1g -- 40€
Disaccharidase-Activity -- 10mg -- n.D.