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Ulrich Voigt

Dr. Ulrich Voigt

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2019: Dissertation 'Habitat use and survival rates of juvenile European hares (Lepus europaeus)'
  • since 2000 research associate at ITAW
  • 1998-2000: several service contracs at ITAW on monitoring small game species
  • 1998 diploma thesis - "Characterisation and Evaluation of the Fauna of Landscape Elements in an intensively used agricultural area by selected beetle groups (Insecta Coleoptera)"
  • 1992-1998 course of studies: Biology (Diploma) at Leibniz University of Hannover with focus on microbiology, zoology und plant protection

Focus of Work

  • GPS-tracking, VHF-telemetry
  • relationship in predator-prey systems
  • survival analysis
  • etho-ecology
  • movement and activity pattern of game species
  • counting and monitoring of game species


  • Causes of losses in Ring-necked pheasant chicks
  • Investigations on the immune status of Ring-necked pheasant chicks with regard to population development
  • Habitat use of the Red fox in a waders reserve 
  • Literature study: Effects of pollutions on Ring-necked pheasant and Grey partridge
  • Faunistic investigation within cultivation of energy crops
  • Generic field monitoring of hares (Lepus europaeus) in a mixed landscape in Germany 
  • Predation - small game
  • Habitat use, causes and risks of mortality of juvenile Brown hare
  • Management of Red fox: Practicability of an intensified hunting of red foxes at large scale
  • Evaluation of estimated Grey partridge population densities from a wildlife monitoring system


  • elective modul „basics and methods of wildlife research“ (5410 BSc biology LUH)
  • lecture: wildlife biology, wildlife diseases and zoonoses (2741 VetMed TiHo)
  • supervision of degree candidates
  • elective modul "distance immobilisation of wildlife species"


Institute for Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife Research

University of Veterinary Medicine, Foundation

Bischofsholer Damm 15

30173 Hannover, Germany


Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Voigt

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