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Since the beginning of the year, the International Office of the TiHo, which is part of the Department of Student and Academic Affairs, has been renamed into International Academic Office. At the same time as the name changed, the composition of the team also changed. Maritta Ledwoch retired at the end of December 2020 after more than thirty years at the TiHo.


The team of the International Academic Office

Foto Deichsel

Dr. Katharina Deichsel

Coordination worldwide

Advice on

  •     International partnerships
  •     Internationalisation of the TiHo

Advice and support for international students,
Visiting scientists, interns and staff

Foto Johanna Kroll

Johanna Kroll

Programme  coordination PROMOS, ISAP

Advice on

  •     Promotion of internships worldwide (outgoings)

    Advice and support for international doctoral students
    guest researchers and interns

Foto von Frau Winter

Christine Winter, PhD

Coordination Europe / Erasmus+

Advice on

  •     Erasmus programme
  •     Internationalisation of the TiHo
  •     Refugees interested in studying veterinary medicine

Advice and support for Erasmus Incomings and Outgoings: students, staff and trainees

Dr. Katharina Deichsel
International Office
direct dial
+49 511 953-8092
+49 511 953-82 8092


Stiftung Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover
International Academic Office

Bünteweg 2
1st floor
30559 Hannover



Johanna Kroll
Dezernat 3 - Akad. Auslandsangelegenheiten
direct dial
+49 511 953-8081
+49 511 953-82 8081

Site plan for download

Dr. Christine Winter
Erasmus+ Koordinatorin
direct dial
+49 511 953-8080
+49 511 953-82 8080

Directions International Academic Office

Arrival by public transport

From the main station, take underground line 1 (direction Laatzen/Sarstedt), 2 (direction Rethen) or 8 (direction Messe/Nord) two stops to Aegidientorplatz. Change at Aegidientorplatz and take line 6 (towards Messe/Ost) to the Bünteweg/Tierärztliche Hochschule stop. The stop is directly in front of the university's administration building (TiHo Tower, Bünteweg 2).


Arrival by car

From the north/west/east

Take the Messeschnellweg (A37) southbound (Messe) and leave the expressway at the Bult exit. Then turn left and follow the road towards Bemerode. Bünteweg branches off to the left after the railway subway. The TiHo Tower is on the corner of Bemeroder Straße and Bünteweg.

From the south

On the Messeschnellweg (A37) towards Celle, turn right towards Bemerode at the Bult exit. Bünteweg branches off to the left after the railway subway. The TiHo Tower is on the corner of Bemeroder Straße/Bünteweg.