Easily identify animal and plant species

ID-Logics - Identification app expanded to include amphibians and reptiles.


The free ID-Logics app makes it easy to identify animal and plant species living in Germany without any prior knowledge. The app is constantly being expanded. The latest addition is amphibians and reptiles. This part of the app was developed together with the project "HerpetoMap" (https://herpetomap.de), which is carried out by NABU Lower Saxony (Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union). HerpetoMap aims to record amphibian and reptile occurrences in Lower Saxony. With the app, all amphibian and reptile species living in Germany can be identified.

The app was developed by Professor Dr. Jorge Groß of the University of Bamberg in cooperation with Dr. Armin Blöchl from the Institute for Physiology and Cell Biology of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover , other experts and the company Initree. So far, in addition to reptiles and amphibians, the ID-Logics app contains identification keys for marine mollusks and snails, ants, trees and shrubs, spring flowering plants, bumblebees and owls. In preparation is an identification key for wildflowers.

The app is aimed primarily at interested laymen, but should also provide good support for advanced nature lovers. The app has its own logic and is error-tolerant, so that the determination is greatly simplified. In addition, detailed descriptions, numerous photos, lovingly drawn details, explanatory videos as well as the calls of the amphibians help with the identification. A mapping and reporting tool makes it easy to record the population.

The "ID-Logics" app and the individual identification keys can be downloaded now for Android or Apple operating systems at the following links.

Links to the free app:

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