The Centre for E-Learning, Didactics and Educational Research (ZELDA), with its specialised institutions, teams and experts, offers a variety of information, advice and training programs for students and teachers alike.

ZELDA brings together - under the leadership of the Vice President for Education - all institutions and people who support and further develope the use of digital educational tools, including new innovative forms of teaching and learning, as well as those who cover the subject areas of didactics and educational research.

Which institutes are included?

  • The E-Learning Service with a focus on e-learning, didactic use of digital learning tools, e-assessment and educational research.
  • The Clinical Skills Lab as an interface for the various clinics at the TiHo, which focuses on promoting clinical-practical and communicative skills, through the innovative development of teaching by implementing the use of simulators.

Both institutions work closely with:

  • The management of the Student and Academic Affairs Department, which ensures the smooth administrative running of the degree programs.
  • The department for personnel and organizational development, strategic controlling, quality management, among other things responsible for coordinating the didactic training of teaching staff as well as the quality assurance processes of the degree programs.

These groups meet regularly to discuss ZELDA's common goals and how to implement them in the university context.


  • Networking and merging of competences
  • Continuous quality improvement and further development of teaching
  • Support and further training for teaching staff in their implementation of contemporary teaching
  • Establishment of a supportive infrastructure for the implementation of innovative ideas in education
  • Further development of "online teaching concepts"
  • Teaching basic skills that prepare students for everyday working life, modern information societies and lifelong learning


University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation
Centre for E-Learning, Didactics and Educational Research


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University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation
Centre for E-Learning, Didactics and Educational research
Clinical Skills Lab  


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Dr. Sandra Wissing

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