Management computer programme to minimise inbreeding in endangered populations.

(Th.A. Schmidt, J. Wrede, D.L. Simon)

The computer programme was developed to simplify the correct registration and processing of pedigree data to a large extent as well as to provide the maintainers of breeding populations easily and quickly with the information that enables targeted mating planning in small populations and helps to reduce inbreeding.
The programme can be purchased again from 03.03.2015! The system requirements have changed. Optimate now also runs under the current Windows versions (tested so far under XP 32bit, WIN7 64bit, WIN8.1 and WIN10 64bit).

The main functions of the programme are:

  • A total of more than 100,000 animals, current animals (probands) and ancestors, can be stored and processed in the database.
  • Internally separated databases for animals and persons allow any linking of breeders, keepers and animals.
  • On a total of 3 screen pages, gene shares of max. 18 different populations as well as many other data can be entered for each animal.
  • The names of many fields for gene shares, performance data, etc. can be defined by the user, which allows an individually adapted screen display.
  • Pedigrees of more than 4 generations can be displayed on the screen, 4 or 6 generations can be printed. Any number of generations can be stored internally. Export to a CSV file is possible for further processing, e.g. in MS-Word.
  • Inbreeding coefficients are calculated for single animals and animal groups, taking into account 2 to 11 generations of ancestry. The completeness of the pedigrees and optionally all inbreeders with their inbreeding contribution are listed or a frequency distribution over the inbreeding coefficients is calculated.
  • Relationship coefficients of individual animals or animal groups to selected other individuals can be displayed optionally over 1 to 10 generations of descent, as well as the relationship within an animal group. A frequency distribution can be displayed for all relationship coefficients.
  • Using the direct relationship to the current population, the most important ancestors can be determined, i.e. the animals with the highest gene contributions to the current population.
  • Inbreeding coefficients of potential offspring can be determined and displayed sorted for each breeding animal when mated to selected or all available mating partners.
  • Gene shares of individuals and their potential offspring from planned matings are calculated starting from the oldest known ancestors.
  • For each individual, all offspring over several generations can be listed. Evaluation of the performance data of groups of offspring is also possible.
  • The effective population size Ne can be calculated in 4 different ways.
  • Extensive plausibility checks significantly improve data quality, taking into account the biological characteristics of each species individually.
  • Many performance characteristics can be recorded and descriptive statistics and frequency distributions can be generated for any animal groups and characteristics.

OPTI-MATE is only available in German. The complete programme is available at a price of 120 € plus VAT. If data already on data carriers are to be imported by us (and checked for plausibility), the price is 250 € plus VAT. Each purchased version will be marked by us with a unique, max. 24-digit identifier, e.g. "TiHo Hann.: Moorschnucke". If you order a version, please indicate your desired identification at the same time.

If you have any questions, please contact the following address:

Stiftung Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover
Institut für Tiergenomik
Code: Opti-Mate
Bünteweg 17 p, D-30559 Hannover, Germany
Fax:   +49 511 - 953 8582

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