Day seminar and expert workshop One Health Monitoring

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One Health Monitoring - Old wine in new skins or new concepts in data sharing?

December 06, 2023

9:00 - 17:00 Stiftung Tierärztliche Hochschule, Bayer-Hörsaal Bischofsholer Damm

The emergence of current and new animal diseases show that the governmental, economic and scientific evaluation of routinely collected data and specific scientific investigations requires the interaction of human and veterinary medicine and environmental research at different levels.

The day seminar and expert workshop will address the question of how routinely collected data and concepts can be shared. In addition to the general presentation of monitoring and surveillance systems in human and veterinary medicine, current developments and future concepts in the field of One Health will also be discussed.



I Welcome and introduction Chair: Lothar Kreienbrock, Hannover
9:00 Greetings by the Presidium of the University of Veterinary Medicine TiHo Hannover
9:10 Introduction to the topic Lothar Kreienbrock, Hannover
II Monitoring and surveillance in human and veterinary medicine Chair: Sandra Brogden, Hannover
9:15 Methodological basics of monitoring Amely Campe, Hannover
9:30 Use of secondary data Holger Grothe, Dresden
III Status Quo Monitoring and Surveillance Chair: Amely Campe, Hannover
10:00 MOSS in human medicine Johannes Dreesman, Hannover
10:30 German Medical Informatics Initiative Sebastian Semler, Berlin
11:00 coffee break  
11:30 MOSS in food monitoring Annemarie Käsbohrer, Berlin
12:00 MOSS in veterinary medicine Katja Schulz, Greifswald
12:30 The German Environmental Health Study Marike Kolossa, Berlin
13:00 lunch break  
IV Current developments and future concepts in One Health Chair: Lothar Kreienbrock, Hannover
13:45 GLASS Sergej Eremin, Genf
14:15 Orion Johanna Dups-Bergmann, Greifswald
14:45 Connect OHD Anne Schnepf, Hannover
15:15 Data Protection Johannes Drepper, Berlin
15:45 Policy Perspective Denise Rabold, Berlin
V Panel discussion Chair: Lothar Kreienbrock, Hannover
16:15 Final discussion  
16:45 Summary of the day  
17:00 End of event  

Continuing education credits

  • The event has been applied for with 7 ATF hours as continuing education for veterinarians.
  • The Lower Saxony Medical Association has certified the event with 8 points as continuing education for physicans.

Registration and costs

Participation fee Early booker (until 06/11/2023) Normal price
Participants 75,- 95,-


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