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Promovendi of the PhD program "Animal and Zoonotic Infections“ summer term 2018

IBS (Seminar on Infection Biology, Infektionsbiologisches Seminar)

Time: every second Monday, 16:00 h,

Location: TiHo, Institute for Animal Breeding (Institut für Tierzucht), Bünteweg 17p, lecture hall (unless otherwise noted)

Programme available for download.

IBS Summer term 2018
30.04.2018 Martin Schwemmle
Virology, University Freiburg
Reverse genetic analysis of the newly discovered bat influenza A viruses: A journey full of surprises
14.05.2018 Christel Schwegmann-Weßels
Burgwedel Biotech GmbH, MSD, Burgwedel
Ebolavirus vaccine technology transfer: from research to manufacturing
Tue 29.05.2018, 9:00
RIZ seminar room
Cornelia Kasper
Biotechnologie, Zell- und Gewebekulturtechnik, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien BOKU
Strategies for cultivating stem cells under physiological (hypoxic) conditions
Janina Burk-Luibl
Mechanisms of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells in tendon regeneration
Thilo Fuchs
Molekulare Pathogenese, FLI Jena
Metabolic niche occupation by enteropathogens
25.06.2018 Ketema Abdissa Merga
Institute for Microbiology, TiHo
Role of myeloid derived suppressor cells in mycobacterial infection
09.07.2018 Marie-Kristin Raulf
Parasitologie und Immunologie, TiHo
C-type lectin receptor recognition in parasitic infections
Summer term 2018  
Lectures 09.04.–14.07.2018
Re-enrolment 22.01.–15.03.2018
PhD stipend for finishing the thesis application deadline: 31.03.
PhD defence:  
Submission of the PhD thesis until 16.02.
internal + external report until 23.03.
display 10 days: 26.03.–06.04.2018
PhD defence 09.–13.04.2018 (Mon–Fri)
Promotion ceremony 15.06.2018, 14:15 (Fri)
Winter term 2018/2019  
Lectures 15.10.2018–02.02.2019
Re-enrolment 09.07.–01.09.2018
Graduate School Day (obligatory) 30.11./01.12.2018 (Fri/Sat)
Meeting of the PhD students 30.11.2018
PhD stipend for finishing the thesis application deadline: 30.09.
PhD defence:  
Submission of the PhD thesis until 11.09.
internal + external report until 12.10.2018
display 10 days: 15.–29.10.2018
PhD defence 29.10.–02.11.2018 (Mon–Fri)
Promotion ceremony 07.12.2018, 11:00 (Fri)
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