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News, events and key dates

Public Defence winter term 2020

IBS (Seminar on Infection Biology, Infektionsbiologisches Seminar)

Time: every second Monday, 14:15 h,

Online via MS Teams


Programme for download.

IBS Winter term 2020
New Location
Prof. Dr. Jessica Cavalleri
Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien, Klinik für Pferde
Title to be announced
Different Location: Institute for Pathology, Small Course Room
02.11.2020 Prof. Dr. Bernd Lepenies
Institut für Immunologie, TiHo
C-type lectin receptors – promising targets in infection and inflammation?
16.11.2020 to be announced
30.11.2020 Dr. Arne Jung
Klinik für Geflügel, TiHo
title to be announced
14.12.2020 Prof. Dr. Peter Valentin Weigand
Institut für Mikrobiologie, TiHo
title to be announced
11.01.2021 Prof. Dr. Dartsch
Dartsch Scientific GmbH, Institut für zellbiologische Testsysteme
Title to be announced
25.01.2021 Sandra Brogden & Prof. Dr. Lothar Kreienbrock
Department of Biometry, Epidemiology and Information Processing, TiHo
The WHO Tricycle-Protocol for the One-Health Surveillance of Antimicrobial Use and Resistance
Winter term 2020/21  
Lectures 12.10.2020–29.01.2021
Re-enrolment 13.07.–01.09.2020
Graduate School Day (obligatory) 20./21.11.2020 (Fri/Sat)
Meeting of the PhD students 20.11.2020
PhD stipend for finishing the thesis application deadline: 30.09.
PhD defence:  
Submission of the PhD thesis until 11.09.
internal + external report until 12.10.2020
display 10 days: 12.–26.10.2020
PhD defence 26.–30.10.2020 (Mon–Fri)
Promotion ceremony 04.12.2020, 11:00 (Fri)
Summer term 2021  
Lectures 12.04.–16.07.2021
Re-enrolment 25.01.–15.03.2021
PhD stipend for finishing the thesis application deadline: 31.03.
PhD defence:  
Submission of the PhD thesis until 01.03.2021
internal + external report until 29.03.
display 10 days: 29.03.–09.04.2021
PhD defence 12.–16.04.2021 (Mon–Fri)
Promotion ceremony 18.06.2021, 14:15 (Fri)
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