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Hannover Graduate School for Veterinary Pathobiology, Neuroinfectiology, and Translational Medicine (HGNI)

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Why attend the HGNI?

After several years of studing veterinary medicine, biology or other life sciences it is worth asking the question why students should go on investing time, money, and work into their further education.


Here are the answers:

  • Advanced training in a discipline or profession will give you greater flexibility on the job market. You can move to different jobs within your field or change your career entirely, taking with you the knowledge and strategic skills you have acquired.
  • A graduate degree can help you improve your professional position economically or in terms of responsibility.
  • A graduate degree like the PhD is required for going into certain professions.
  • Last but not least: a graduate degree can give you personal satisfaction and confidence deriving from advanced learning.

HGNI offers a structured doctoral training in the form of research-focused doctoral studies, intensive individual supervision of thesis projects, as well as preparing doctoral students for positions in interdisciplinary and international research contexts.


Doctoral studies at the University of Veterinary Medicine take place within three structured programmes:


For a personal consultation appointment please contact:

Prof. Dr. Beatrice Behrens send e-mail

Structural concept of the HGNI

The HGNI provides the overarching roof of three different PhD programs: “Systems Neurosciences”, the newly established “Animal and Zoonotic Infections”, and “Veterinary Research and Animal Biology”. The PhD students have different backgrounds: They finished the TiHo Master program "Animal Biology and Biomedical Sciences", the studies of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover or other national faculties or they come from other life sciences offered by universities throughout the world.
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