Alumni Network

Dear Alumni,


It is only the people acting in, with and for it that instill life in the university. The commitment of the employees and the performance of the students have made the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover Foundation what it is today.


In order to stay in touch with former students after graduating from their studies, an alumni network has been built at the TiHo. In this network, you as an alumni can continue to participate in university life even after completing your training and keep in contact with former fellow students.


You are regularly informed about interesting events and advanced training, maintain your access to the TiHo-internal area of the Foren4Vet veterinary medicine forum and you are invited to the university party once a year.


Participation in the alumni network of the TiHo is quite simple. We contact you after examination and will automatically admit you, if you don´t mind. You can inform us about address changes, the email address to send the email newsletter to and the Foren4Vet nickname using the online form. Alumni who graduated some years ago can register using the online form. Participation is free of charge.


With a membership in the Society of Friends of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, you promote:

The 30 EUR annual subscription of the members enable the students, for example, to present their research results at conferences, to participate in seminars on setting up a business or to organize social events at the TiHo. In addition, members receive the TiHo-Anzeiger several times a year and are therefore well informed about all developments at the TiHo. Further information about the Society of Friends and the registration form can be found on these pages.


We are looking forward to you joining us!