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World experts meet to discuss latest developments in equine genomics

The world’s leading horse genomics researchers met last week in Hannover, Germany at the 11th Dorothy Russell Havemeyer International Equine Genome Mapping Workshop. Seventy scientists from 17 countries convened for three days to present their latest research, which covered a range of topics from the identification of disease genes, reconstruction of the pre-historic genetics of the horse, genetic diversity in endangered breeds, novel tools for data analysis, understanding the biological basis for health and performance traits and the development of tests for application in the horse industries.


The horse genome sequence was completed in 2007, a result of the communal efforts of the researchers that first met in 1995. The expressed goals of the horse genome sequencing project were to improve the health and welfare of the horse. Those overarching goals of the community remain and this rapidly developing field will continue to provide knowledge and tools to enable informed breeding and management for the improved welfare of the horse.


The meeting was an opportunity to present, comment and critique research papers, share ideas and foster new collaborations. The papers presented at the meeting demonstrated the rapid advances in this area as researchers continue to collaborate with owners, industry and clinicians to understand the genetic make-up of the horse.


The group of researchers were treated to a stallion parade at the Lower Saxony State Stud Celle on Friday evening. The 12th Dorothy Russell Havemeyer International Equine Genome Mapping Workshop will take place in 2017.



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