Stephanie Gross
Stephanie Groß

Curriculum Vitae 

  • Since 11/2016: PhD Candidate at the Institute for Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife Research, Büsum, University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover, Foundation
  • 10/2015 – 09/2016: Veterinary Internship at the Sealcentre Pieterburen, the Netherlands
  • 12/2010 – 06/2015: Doctoral dissertation at the Research Centre Borstel, Leibniz-Center for Medicine and Bioscience, division of biophysics and the Institute for Immunology, faculty of veterinary medicine, Freie Universität Berlin. Titel of the dissertation “The evaluation of antimicrobial peptides as anti-cancer agents against equine sarcoid and human prostate adenocarcinoma cells”
  • 04/2003 – 11/2010: Employed veterinarian in different practices with focus on horses
  • 10/1997 – 03/2003: Studies of veterinary medicine at the Freie Universität Berlin

Focus of work

Wildlife health

  • Post mortem monitoring of  marine mammals
  • Health monitoring of marine mammals

    Antimikrobial resistant enterobacteria at marine wild animals


    A complete list of publications is here available