Heike Kanapin

Heike Kanapin completed her apprenticeship as a laboratory technical assistant (LTA) in the Kleinwanzleber Saatzucht chemical analytical laboratory in Einbeck.

She has been already since 1980 at the Department of Physiological Chemistry at the TiHo, where she worked until 1999 in Prof. Harisch’s group on basic homeopathy research.

Since 2000, Heike has been working with biochemical, cell and molecular biology techniques in Prof. Naim’s group. Additionally, she is also responsible for analysing diagnostic samples, especially disaccharides from biopsies, and vitamin and trace elements from tissue, blood, serum and feed samples.

Heike is also involved in the supervision of doctoral and work experience students, where she assists the students by providing her technical expertise.  Furthermore, Heike also gives the practical component of the biochemistry course for the VTMA students.