Profile and structure


The duties of the Clinic for Poultry include research, education of students and veterinary service.







Concerning research, the Clinic for Poultry is working on following topics:

  • Studies on efficacy and safety of vaccines and drugs under controlled laboratory and field conditions
  • Investigations on frequency, significance and control of important  pathogens of poultry, pet birds and wild birds (zoonotic infections, epizootic diseases, food-borne infections)
  • Clinical and immunbiological examinations of poultry, pet and wild birds
  • Characteristics of immunosuppressive pathogens of poultry
  • Husbandry systems, animal welfare and animal health of poultry




The Clinic for Poultry offers facilities for the education of students of veterinary medicine, e.g. spacious facilities for post mortem analysis of animals, where practical exercises are conducted. Furthermore, we have the possibility to keep poultry in our facilities for student exercises. Besides lectures and practical exercises, the Clinic for Poultry offers internship programs and elective courses for students who like to focus on poultry husbandry and medicine. In addition, the curriculum of our clinic encompasses doctoral studies and PhD programmes within the postgraduate education.




In the veterinary service division, commercial poultry farmers, fancy fowl and homing pigeon owners are advised and supervised. The Clinic for Poultry offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, from farm visits, pathological investigations of animals to subsequent microbiological, virological, parasitological, molecular biological and histological examinations.