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Jennifer Brunke

Jennifer Brunke, MSc

Main Interests


My main fields of interest are ecology and conservation biology focused especially on biodiversity and population genetics of tropical biota. Furthermore, I am interested in behavioural ecology. At this I am particularly interested in the social and communicative behaviour of tree shrews.

Jennifer Brunke, MSc

Professional and scientific career

since 04.2010

Doctoral student at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover, Germany
Doctoral Thesis: "Effects of habitat fragmentation in a tropical rainforest ecosystem: a case study on the genetic diversity of small mammal communities in the lower Kinabatangan floodplain in Borneo (Sabah, Malaysia)"
    Supervisor: Prof. U. Radespiel, Prof. E. Zimmermann


since 12.2009

Research assistant at the Institute of Zoology, University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover, Germany



Student assistant at the Institute of Zoology, University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover, Germany: Co-supervision of zoo course

2007 – 2009

Study of Animal Biology and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover, Germany (Master of Science)
Master Thesis: "Perception and categorisation of communication calls in tree shrews (Tupaia belangeri)" Supervisor: Prof. E. Zimmermann

2004 - 2007

Study of Biology at the Leibniz University Hannover, Germany (Bachelor of Science)

Bachelor Thesis:  "Interactions of Thomson's gazelle (Gazella thomsoni) and Impala (Aepyceros melampus) with Grants's zebra (Equus quagga boehmi) in the Zoo of Hannover" Supervisor: Dr. R. Löhmer

08.2002 - 02.2003

Employment as Pharmacy technician at the Katharinen Apotheke, Duingen, Germany

2000 - 2003

Professional training of a Pharmacy technician Justus-von-Liebig School Hannover, Germany

1993 - 2000

General Qualification for University Entrance Robert-Bosch Comprehensive School, Hildesheim, Germany


I. Articles in peer reviewed journals




Konerding, W., Brunke, J., Schehka, S., Zimmermann, E. (2011): Is acoustic evaluation of communication calls in a non-primate mammal, the tree shrew, affected by context? Anim. Cogn. Doi: 10.1007/s10071-011-0411-8


II. Abstracts of international conferences




Zimmermann, E.; Konerding, W.; Brunke, J.; Schehka, S. (2011): Acoustic evaluation in a non-primate mammal, the tree shrew, not solely affected by context. Behavior 2011, Joint meeting of the the Animal Behavior Society (ABS) & International Ethological Conference (IEC), Bloomington, Indiana, 25.7.-30.7.2011, p. 265-266.




Brunke J., Schehka S., Zimmermann E. (2010): Acoustic cues in communication calls of tree shrews. [Poster] International Symposium on the Evolution of Emotional Communication, Günzburg, Germany   




Brunke J., Konerding W., Zimmermann E. (2009): Like or unlike: Spontaneous discrimination of communication calls in tree shrews. [Poster] 31st International Ethological Conference, Rennes, France

Awards & grants


Travel grant from “Freunde der TiHo e.V.”

08.2010 - 11.2010

DAAD fellowship for Sabah, Malaysia

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