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Accompanying Persons

Accompanying Persons


Persons not attending the Scientific Sessions may be pleased to find a printed City Guide and a printed Region Guide in your Congress Bag. They provide you with maps, addresses and tips, and they present an attractive selection of interesting places in and around Hannover.


Additional flyers and information material are available at the Registration/Information Desk at the Campus Bünteweg.  Check the Message Board also.


We have compiled some key information for you:



Please note: The Registration Fee paid by Accompanying Persons does not include lunch!

If you want to join your party for lunch, please, buy the vouchers at the Registration/Information Desk.


In the downtown area, many good low-budget restaurants are located at the basement level of the Main Station (Hauptbahnhof), and in a large Shopping Mall outside the Main Station.



Activities in Hannover


Hannover actually has three “City Centres” that are all linked and easy to reach on foot:


(1) At and around the Kröpke: Changing point for all Subway Lines; large Department Stores, Elegant Shops, Opera House, Restaurants, Cafés (find your way to the Holländische Kakaostube!);


(2) At and around the Market Church (Marktkirche): Old Town, Parliament (Leineschloss, i.e., the Former Royal Castle); the river Leine; shops, restaurants, bars; plus the Nanas


(3) At and behind the “New” Town Hall (Neues Rathaus; Caution: Built 1901-1913! ); take the dome lift up to the platform! Landesmuseum (with Natural History Museum), Sprengel Museum; Maschsee (large lake)


Maschsee! Try a Boat Trip! Runners, Inline Skaters: 1 lap around the lake makes 6 km!  Check it.  Even better: Check it twice!


Museums: Entrance is free in some museums on Fridays (Sprengel Museum: Friday all day; Landesmuseum [with Natural History Mueum]: Friday 14:00-17:00).

If, for instance, you visit the Sprengel Museum or Landesmuseum during the day, you can meet your companions of Tour 2 or Tour 4 on site at 16:30/17:00 in case you have registered for these guided tours. In such case, please leave an early message at the Congress Information Desk. Thank you!




Hannover Zoo

During the summer months, the zoo is open until 22:00 on Thursdays. With the special evening ticket (Feierabendticket), you can visit from 16:30 until 22:00 for only 9.00 €.

On Thursday 26 July 2018, there will be a special programme during the evening hours including music and presentations (in German).

For further information, please check the website:



Royal Gardens Herrenhausen: Unfortunately, the area of the wonderful Baroque Garden does not open during the day because of the preparations for the festival events taking place in the evening (Sorry: All tickets sold-out!)



Interesting Places outside Hannover /Day Trips



Former Princely Residence CityOld Town with many half-timbered buildings (Fachwerkhäuser): “typically german”, Lower-Saxony style!


Take Railway (approx. 20-30 min., 15 € one way) *



Unesco World Heritage:  Cathedral and St. Michael Church; Roemer-Pelizaeus-Museum;


Take Railway (approx. 30 min., 9 € one way) *



Royal Castle in a fancy neo-gothic style, built by the last King of Hannover for his wife Queen Mary in 1858-1869; nowadays the home of the Guelphs, House of Hannover


RegioBus Line 300 (departure from Hannover-ZOB/Central Bus Station behind the Main Railway Station); the line changes its number (do not leave the bus!) and continues as line 310 directly to the castle

(approx.60 min.; 4.40 € one way)


Autostadt Wolfsburg

Home of the Beetle/Volkswagen: Car Museum (A Journey Through the History of Mobility), Brand Pavillons (Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc.), large Family World and Landscape Park


Take Railway (approx..30 min., approx. 20 € one way) *


* Please note: The Prices for Train Tickets are very different depending on the date and on the day-time; special offers on early-reservation policy; due to this, the listed fares only indicate prices on average; actual prices can be higher!