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Fluorescence mikroskop TE 300 (NIKON) with climate chamber, invers, motorized


for life cell imaging

climate chamber CO2 and temperature adjustable

holder for different plates and slides

Via the black/white camera the pictures can be transferred directly into the Software „NIS“ to regard and work on them.


Available objektives:

Plan Fluor             10x / 0,3

S-Plan Fluor         20x / 0,45 EL WD

S-Plan Fluor         40x / 0,6 EL WD

S-Plan Fluor         60x / 1,4 

additional x1,5 optical magnification available for all objectives

Available filtersets:

EX: 377/50   DM:409     BA: 447/60 BP  (DAPI)

EX: 472/30   DM:495     BA: 520/35 BP  (FITC, EGFP)

EX: 562/40   DM:593     BA: 624/40 BP  (Alexa568, mCherry, TxRed)

EX: 628/40   DM:660     BA: 692/40 BP  (Cy5)

EX: 545/25   DM:565     BA: 605/70 BP  (Cy3)

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Research Center for Emerging Infections and Zoonoses
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