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Prof. Dr. Albert D.M.E. Osterhaus, DVM PhD

Date and place of birth: 02.06.1948,


                                           The Netherlands

Nationality                      : Dutch

Address                          : Centre of

                                           Infection Medicine

                                           and Zoonosis


                                           University of

                                           Veterinary Medicine

                                           Bünteweg 17

                                           30559 Hannover,



                                           Phone: +49(0)511 953 6140

                                           Email: albert.osterhaus@tiho-hannover.de



Scientific education

2001                     Educator, specialisation Medical Microbiology, Stichting Medisch

                              Biologisch Wetenschappelijk Onderzoeker (SMBWO)


1996                     Registered veterinary microbiologist


1978                     Doctoral Thesis (Ph.D.), University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

                              Feline Infectious Peritonitis Virus: Identification, Propagation and

                              Epidemiology (promotores: Prof.Dr.M.C.Horzinek,

                              Prof.Dr.J.van Bekkum)


1974                     Graduated as a veterinarian (with honours)


1973                     Veterinary doctorate (cum laude)


1969                     Veterinary candidate (cum laude)


1967 - 1974        Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Utrecht,

                              The Netherlands


1961 - 1967        HBS-B Pius X Lyceum, Amsterdam



Previous and present positions

2013 - present    Guest Professor Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover, Germany


                               Head of Department of Viroscience, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam


2011 - present     Professor of Wildlife Virology and Virus Discovery, University Utrecht


2009 - present    Chairman Master Infection & Immunity Erasmus MC


                               Member of the Graduate School Erasmus MC


2007 - present    Chairman of the Postgraduate School Molecular Medicine Erasmus



2003 - present    Head WHO National Reference Laboratory for Measles and Rubella

                               icw RIVM


1995 - present    Director WHO Collaborating Centre for Arboviruses and


                               Fever Reference and Research


1995 - 2000         Director WHO Global Reference Laboratory for Measles, Rotterdam


1993 - present    Director National Influenza Center (NIC), Rotterdam


1993 - 2013         Head of Department of Virology, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam


1993 - present    Professor of Virology, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam


1990 - 2011         Professor of Environmental Virology, State University Utrecht


1978 - 1994        National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection

                              (RIVM), Bilthoven, The Netherlands, last position: Head of the

                              Laboratory of Immunobiology




Professor Osterhaus has been Head of the Department of Viroscience at Erasmus

MC Rotterdam until July 1st 2014, is currently Professor of Wildlife Virology and

Virus Discovery at Utrecht University, and Director of the Center of Infection

Medicine and Zoonosis Research and Guest-Professor at the Tieraerztliche

Hochschule Hannover. He has a long track record as a scientific researcher and

Principal Investigator of numerous major scientific projects.

At Erasmus MC, Professor Osterhaus has run a diagnostic virology lab with more

than 40 staff and a research virology lab with over 150 personnel. His research

programme follows a novel integrated “viroscience” concept, bringing together world-

leading scientists in molecular virology, immunology, epidemiology, pathogenesis,

and intervention studies on human and animal virus infections.

Among the major accomplishments are the discovery of more than 40 new viruses of

humans and animals (e.g. human metapneumovirus, coronaviruses, influenza

viruses), elucidation of the pathogenesis of major human and animal virus infections,

and development of novel intervention strategies. This has enabled health authorities

like the WHO to effectively combat disease outbreaks like SARS and avian

influenza. The spin-off, Viroclinics Biosciences BV, is another societally relevant

success, allowing effective testing and refining of diagnostic tools and other

intervention strategies.

The international recognition of Professor Osterhaus is further highlighted by awards,

prizes, guest lecture invitations, (co-)organiserships of international meetings and

editorships of scientific journals.

Professor Osterhaus has acted as PhD mentor for more than 60 students and holds

several key patents. He is also the author of more than 1020 papers in peer-reviewed

journals, together cited more than 50,000 times, and his H index is more than 90.

Most of all, Professor Osterhaus firmly believes that scientists have a role to play in

translating their knowledge for the benefit and protection of society.



Membership to professional organizations

-                       American Society for Microbiology

-                       Society for General Microbiology

-                       European Wetenschappelijk Werkgroep on Influenza

-                       European Society for Veterinary Virology

-                       European Society for Clinical Virology

-                       European Association for Aquatic Mammals

-                       International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine

-                       Nederlands Society for Microbiology

-                       Nederlands Society for Laboratory Animal Science

-                       Nederlands Society for Immunology

-                       Royal Nederlands Society for Animal Science

-                       International Society for Vaccines; Executive Commissie Lid

-                       International Consortium on Anti-virals

-                       American Society for Virology

-                       European Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene



Editorial appointments

2001                         Editor “Options for the control of influenza IV”, Exerpta Medica,

                                  International Congress Series No. 1219, Elsevier Science BV,


1995 - 1999            Editor "Journal of Medical Primatology"


1995 - 2000            Editor "Journal of General Virology"


1995 - present       Editor "Adjuvant Research"


1993 - present       European Editor "Vaccine"


1991 - 2001            Editor "Veterinary Quarterly"


1991 - 2000            Editor "Tijdschrift voor Diergeneeskunde"


1990 - present       Editor "FEMS Immunology/Microbiology"


1990                         Editor "Viral Infections of Vertebrates", Volume "Viral Infections

                                  of Rodents and Lagomorphs", Editor in Chief M.C. Horzinek,

                                  Elsevier Science Publishers


1989                         Editor "Idiotype Networks in Biology and Medicine",

                                  Elsevier Science Publishers, 1990


1987 – present       Associate Editor "Viral Immunology"




2012 - present        Editorial Board member  Journal of Virology and Microbiology


2010 - present        Editorial Board member Platform Infectieziekten


                                   Member Editorial Board Infectious Disease


                                   Co-Editor-in-Chief  Current Opinion in Virology


2008 - present        Editorial Board member of EMBO Molecular Medicine


2008 - 2014             Editorial Board member Advances in Virology


2008 - present        Associate Editor  BMC Microbiology


2006 - present        Editor Medical Microbiology and Immunology


2005 - present        Editor BMC Infectious Diseases


                                   Editorial Board member BMC Microbiology


                                   Editor “Medical Microbiology and Immunology”


2002 - present        Editor “Journal of Clinical Virology”




2012                       WSAVA Global One Health Award


2010                       ESCMID Award for Excellence in Clinical Microbiology and Infectious



2008                       Erasmus Award, Erasmus MC Rotterdam, The Netherlands


2007                       Allan Granoff Lectureship in Virology Award, St. Jude's Hospital


                                 Prix scientifique Louis D - Académie des sciences de l’Institut

                                 de France -  research done in the field of transmissible diseases

                                 from man to animals, anthropozoonoses.


2006                        European Respiratory Society  - European Lung Foundation

                                 Award - recognition of the contribution to the public lung

                                 health in Europe


                                 Federa prize – for original and exceptional research



2004                        Reinier de Graaf medal – for exceptional contribution to



                                 Dr. Saal van Zwanenberg-Oragon prize for exceptional

                                 achievement in promoting scientific research


                                 James H. Nakano Citation - CDC prize for exceptional scientific



2003                        Commander in the Order of the Dutch Lion - Royal decoration 


2002                        The ESCV Gardner Lecture - Viruses emerging from animal



2000                        Mulder-Masurel Award on influenza research


                                 UK Royal Society invited lecture on Catastrophes after

                                 crossing species barriers


1998                        M.W.Beijerinck Virology Award, Royal Dutch Academy

                                 of Sciences


1995                        Firkin Oration, Australian Society for Medical Research


1993                        Laureate Van Loghem lecture, Dutch Society for Immunology


1992                        Ciba Geigy Prize for Research in Animal Health


1989                         Heine Medin Award: European Society against Virus



1985                         Schimmel Viruly Award: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,




Patents (Selection out of >30)

2012                       MERS-CoV receptor (pending)


                                MERS-CoV (pending)


2009                       MVA-patent influenza (application)


2008                       WO2008061939 Recombinant modified vaccinia virus Ankara

                               (MVA)-based vaccine for the avian flu.


2007                       US2007087333 Method to detect antigen-specific cytolytic activity,

                                Publication date: 2007-04-19


2005                       WO 2005/080991 “Method to detect antigen-specific cytolytic activity”


2003                       US 2004/0005544 (US Appl. # 10/371.122) “Metapneumovirus

                                strains and their use in vaccine formulations and as vectors for

                                expression of heterologous antigenic sequences”.


2002                       WO 2002/057302(# PCT/NL02/00040)“A virus causing respiratory

                                tract illness in susceptible mammals”


                                01200213.5 “Human metapneumovirus” – national phase



2001                       US 2001/631966B1 in cooperation with Aventis Pasteur “Induction

                                of rev and tat specific cytotoxic T- cells for prevention and treatment

                                of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)


1996                       Patent in samenwerking met Pasteur Mérieux Connaught,

                                betreffende "Induction of rev and tat specific cytotoxic T-cells for 

                                prevention and treatment of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)



1992                       Patent in samenwerking met Pitman Moore, betreffende "Deletion

                                cleavage site of the FIV glycoprotein".


                                Patent in samenwerking met Pitman Moore, betreffende

                                "Indentificatie, virus neutralization determinant of FIV".


                                Europees Patent nr. 92202032.6: "Monoclonal antibodies to HIV-1

                                gp120, cell lines producing them, preparations for passive

                                immunotherapy, vaccines containing corresponding epitope

                                structures and process of preparing these antibodies". (Date of

                                submission: 3 July 1992).




2009                      Animal Models of Infectious Diseases


2006                      SARS


2000                      Protective capacity of HIV early protein specific CTL




2009                      FES 2009, research line viral infections          k€  1700


2009                      VIRGO II                                                                  k€    700


2004                      VIRGO - Genomics and respiratory viruses    K€ 2300




2002                      Efficacy and Safety of a Tetravalent Dengue Vaccine

                               in a Macaque Model                                             k€   140


2001                      Aerosol vaccination against measles              k€   120


2000                      Novel generations of measles vaccines         k€   100



PI / co-investigator Clinical Trials

2012                    PI in an MVA recombinant influenza phase I clinical trial (investigator



2006                    PI in an autologous DC vaccination study in HIV infected humans

                            (investigator initiated)


2000                    Investigator in: a double blind, randomised, placebo-controlled

                             study of RWJ 270201 for the treatment of influenza infections in

                             asthmatic subjects.


1999                    Investigator in: a double blind, randomised, placebo-controlled

                             study of RWJ 270201 for the treatment of influenza infections in

                             healthy subjects.


                             Investigator in: immunogenicity and tolerability of three dosages

                             of an anti RSV vaccine, administered in an ambulant elderly adult

                             population over 60 years old. 


1998                     Principal Investigator in: a single center, single-blinded placebo-

                              controlled study of a recombinant RSV vaccine in the treatment of

                              severe lower respiratory tract infection.


                              Principal Investigator in: a double blind, randomised, placebo-

                              controlled study of Ro 64-0796 (also known as GS 4104) in the

                              treatment of influenza in children with chronic asthma.


                              Principal Investigator in: a double blind, randomised, placebo-

                              controlled study of Ro 64-0796 (also known as GS 4104) used

                              for the treatment of influenza infection.


1997                     Principal Investigator in: a double blind, randomised, placebo-

                              controlled study of Ro 64-0796 (also known as GS 4104) used

                              for the prevention of clinical influenza post exposure.


                              Principal Investigator in: a randomised, double-blind study to

                              determine the cell-mediated and humoral immunogenicity of two

                              influenza ISCOM™ vaccines (type I and II) versus Fluvax®

                             (inactivated influenza vaccine split virion) in young healthy adults.


1996                     Principal Investigator in: a double-blind, randomised, placebo-

                              controlled, parallel-group, multicentre study to investigate the

                              efficacy and safety of inhaled zanamivir (GG167) 10 mg

                              administered twice a day for five days in the treatment of

                              symptomatic Influenza A and B viral infections in adolescents

                              and adults.


1995                     Principal Investigator in: a double-blind, randomised, placebo-

                              controlled, multicentre parallel-group study to investigate the

                              efficacy and safety of GG167 administered twice or four times

                              a day for the treatment of Influenza A and B viral infections.


1994                     Principal Investigator in: a double-blind, randomised, placebo-

                              controlled, parallel-group, multicentre study to investigate the

                              efficacy and safety of inhaled and intranasal GG167 in the

                              treatment of Influenza A and B viral infections.


                              Principal Investigator in: GMDP as adjuvant to Influvac

                              subunit vaccine Immunogenicity and reactogenicity of

                              adjuvant GMDP orally administered just prior to vaccination

                              with a trivalent influenza subunit vaccine. A double-blind

                              placebo controlled study in nursing home residents.



Identification of novel viral pathogens in humans and animals

2014                   Identification of python torovirus


2013                   Identification of human cyclovirus


                            Identification of seal parvovirus


                            Identification of fox HEV


2012                   Identification of coronavirus as primary cause of MERS (MERS-CoV)


                            Identification of boa arenavirus


                            Identification of human calicivirus


2011                   Influenza A (H1N1) virus in dogs


                            Identification of stone marten anellovirus


                            Identification of porcine picobirnavirus


                            Identification of ferret heptatitis E virus (HEV)


                            Identification of ferret coronavirus


2010                   Identification of human picobirnavirus


                            Identification of human astrovirus


2009                   Identification of deer astrovirus


2006                   Identification of  dolphin herpesvirus


2005                   Identification of H16 influenza A viruses in black headed gulls


2004                   Identification of fourth human coronavirus


2003                   Identification of influenza  A (H7N7) virus in humans


                            Identification of coronavirus as the primary cause of SARS



2002                   Presence of hantavirus infection in Barbados


                            Presence of hantavirus infection in Indonesia


                            Identification of re-emerging PDV in Europe


2000                   Identification of human metapneumovirus (hMPV) as a new member

                            of the genus Metapneumovirus


                            Identification of measles virus re-introduction in The Netherlands


1999                   Identification of influenza B virus in seals


1998                   Identification of a lentivirus from Talapoin monkeys (SIVtal)


1997                   Identification of influenza A (H5N1) virus in humans


                            Identification of monk seal morbilliviruses (MSMV-WA/G)


1996                   Identification of a -herpesvirus in seals (phocid herpesvirus-2)


1995                   Identification of CDV as cause of mass mortality in Serengeti lions


                            Hepatitis B virus infection in heart transplant patients in the Dijkzigt

                            Hospital Rotterdam


1994                   Parapoxvirus in grey seals


1992                   Rhabdovirus of dolphins


                            Porpoise and dolphin morbilliviruses causing mortality in cetacean



1990                   First Orthopoxvirus in seals (affected by PDV infection)


1989                   First demonstration of Hantavirus infections in humans and rodents

                            in The Netherlands


1988                   First picornavirus in seals (affected by PDV infection)


                            First phocid morbillivirus (phocid distemper virus, PDV): cause

                            of mass mortality in seals


1984                   First phocid herpesvirus (phocid herpesvirus 1): high mortality in

                            young seals


1981                   First demonstration of mouse pox in The Netherlands


1978                   First demonstration of canine parvovirus in The Netherlands


1977                   First non mammalian papillomavirus: Finch papilloma virus

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