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Prof. Dr. Stefanie Becker

Date of Birth: 06.09.1977

Place of Birth: Kaiserslautern, Germany


University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover

Research Center for Emerging Infections

and Zoonoses / Institute for Parasitology

Bünteweg 17

30559 Hannover, Germany


Telephone: 0511-953-8717


E-Mail: stefanie.becker@tiho-hannover.de



position:        Professor for Vector-borne-diseases

                        at the University of Veterinary Medicine

                        Hannover and group leader of the

                        Division of Parasitology at the Research

                        Center for Emerging Infections and Zoonoses


Professional Experience

07/2015 - present           Professor for “Vector-borne-diseases” at University

                                           of Veterinary Medicine Hannover


06/14 - 06/15                   Director of the Institute Infectiology (IMED) at



                                           Duties and interests:

                                           1) Diagnostics and control of diseases of aquatic animals       

                                           2) Medical Entomology and Vector competence, Arbovirus

                                                evolution, Co-infections of viral and microbial pathogens,

                                                Head of BSL3 insectary


07/11 - 05/14                    Leader of the Molecular Entomology Group at the

                                            Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for Tropical Medicine


                                            Research Objectives:

                                             -       Vector competence of German mosquitoes for

                                                     tropical viruses

                                             -       Insect immunity towards viral infections

                                             -       Arbovirus evolution and vector adaptation

                                             -       Surveillance and genetic characterization of German

                                                     mosquito populations

                                             -       Co-infections of viral and microbial pathogens in

                                                     insect vectors


03/07 - 05/11                     Research associate (post-doc) at the Institute de

                                             Biologie Moleculaire et Cellulaire, CNRS

                                            (Prof. Jean-Luc Imlers group), Universite Louis Pasteur,



                                             Research Objectives:

                                              -       Analysis of Drosophila innate immune response to

                                                      viral infection

                                              -       The DExD/H-box helicase Dicer-2-mediated induction

                                                      of antiviral activity in Drosophila

                                              -       RNA interference in negative-strand virus-infection,

                                              -       Comparative analysis of Drosophila melanogaster

                                                      immune pathways in infection with ssRNA, dsRNA

                                                      and DNA viruses


08/02 - 12/07                     Research associate (PhD) at the Bernhard Nocht Institute

                                             for Tropical Medicine (Prof. Stephan Günthers group),



                                             Research Objectives

                                              -       Host-pathogen interactions

                                                       -       Analysis of global gene expression in Arenavirus-

                                                               infected human hepatoma cells


                                              -       Virus genetics 

                                                       -       Contribution of the construction of an artificial

                                                                Lassa virus replicon system and analysis of

                                                                viral replication mechanisms    


                                              -       Antiviral therapy and diagnostics

                                                      -       Design and experimental testing of a therapeutic

                                                              siRNA directed against Lassa virus

                                                      -       Characterization of the antiviral properties of zinc

                                                              finger antiviral protein in Ebola and Marburg virus


                                                      -       Contribution to the characterization of the causative

                                                              agent of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)


                                             PhD degree 2.2.2007 Magna cum laude


 Education and Qualifications

10/97 - 07/02                     Biology (Diploma) at University of Kaiserslautern

                                             Diploma thesis:

                                              -       Analysis of the replication origin of linear plasmid SCP1

                                                      from Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) via Knock out and

                                                      Transposon mutagenesis

                                                      Grade 1,33


06 - 09/00                          Internship at the department of Zoology, University of Oxford

                                            Role of protein phosphatases in signalling and Drosophila



Additional Skills

Professional skills:

Training and supervision of training in BSL 3 and BSL 4 facilities

Courses in Fist Aid and Fire Security

Project leader course (Gentechnik Recht)


Management and Business:

Courses in European patent law, German civil law and business

Course in management (Team leading, Communication)

Course in Project management (EU consortia building and Grant application)



Member of "Deutsche Zoonosen Plattform" since 2012

Member of "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Virologie" since 2013

Member of "Academia Net" since 2012






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