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Robabe Ahmadi

Robabe Ahmadi

Curriculum Vitae


  • 19871993: School education  in Teheran, Iran
  • 2003: Departure to Afghanistan
  • 20082010:

-Schooling in journalism (Ney‐Institute, Kabul, Afghanistan: 6 month and Kardan-    University Kabul, Afghanistan: 2 Years)

-Participation in workshops: Photographs (Organisation: Journals)

‐ Participation in workshops: Familiy assistance (Organisation: British, Japanese and American embassys

‐Participation in workshop: NATO (NGOs)

Work experience since 2003

‐ Newspaper (Esteghlal): Paper proofreading

­‐ Film: Ca. 20 Films, though also series

  • 20092010

-Radio: z.B. Deutsche Welle, Production of a drama, graduated from an acting school, Family information (e. g. health programme, water hygiene, prevention), other radio station: Doubling-­Manager-

‐ Residence for Afghan Film (national radio station) as director: Spain, London, Dubai, Pakistan, Tadjikistan

  • 20052009

-Stargroup: last film: Neighbours „Hamsaya“ (named in the end credits): Director: David Wahab and Seddiq Barmak (Winner of the Goldenen Globes in Cannes for the film „Osama“)

‐ Workshops for UNCHR: Project of the UNCHR for medial spread of knowledge about vaccinations, prevention and healthiness of womankind in the Afghan human population

‐ Site advertising (e.g. SIM‐phone card, Universitys)


  • Since 2010 on the run as political haunted
  • 11.11.2015  arrived Germany with daughter, lost son on the run, recovered in Sweden. In September 2016 junction of the familiy.

Activities in Germany

Participation in integration and language course

  • 29.05.17– 26.01.18 General integration course #41: 600 lessons, exam: DTZ on 27.07.18, degree: B1
  • 29.01.18–23.02.18 Orientation course: 100 lessons, exam: „Leben in Deutschland“ on 23.02.18, degree: successful
  • At present occupational language course (DeuFöV2), extent: 400 lesson, end of course: 19.11.18, exam: 23.11.18, aim: B2.
  • Diakonie (Translator for other refugees in e.g. Hospital, physician, Supply material for schools)
  • Open all-day school (Supporting teacher)

Linguistic competence

  • Persian: fluent in spoken and written
  • Dari: fluent in spoken and written
  • English: well grounded in spoken and written
  • German: basic knowledge, currently participation in an course for B1‐Diplom
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