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Aplication: The program starts April, 1st 2019


1. Find a potential project
You can look at the list of projects in your field of interest. Please rate your 5 favorite projects.


2. Application

  • Letter of application which should reflect the applicant’s particular skills and motivation for participation in VIPER and provide further perspectives for the individual professional career (1–2 pages in English)
  • Curriculum vitae (recommended: europass form)
  • Complete college or university certificates and examination results together with English translation (if applicable). Chinese students have to submit the APS certificate1.
  • Not obligatory, but advisable: proof of competence in English (German courses are recommended to applicants from non-German countries.)


Submit your complete application package via email to:


Dr. Ann-Kathrin Haverkamp

Scientific Coordinator DFG Research Training Group 2485

University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover

Department of Pathology

Bünteweg 17

30559 Hannover


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