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Dammann Medal

Bearer of the Dammann Medal

The president and the senate of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover Foundation award the Dammann medal to colleagues who have made outstanding contributions to the practical implementation of scientific knowledge.

The Name Giver

Professor Dr. Karl Dammann, born1839 in Greifswald, was director of the University of Veterinary Medicine from 1881 to 1912. Since a rectorate constitution was introduced in 1913, Dammann was the last director of the TiHo. Under Dammann, the university received the right to award doctorates. The at that time new building at the Bischofsholer Damm ground and the moving were also carried out under Dammann in 1899.

The Medal Bearers

Dr. Helmut Surborg

Dammann Medal: 15.12.2006


Dr. Klaus Eicken
Dammann Medal: 18.12.1992


Dr. Bernhard Huskamp
Dammann Medal: 14.12.1990 


Dr. Rudolf Hahn
Dammann Medal: 16.12.1988 


Dr. Horst Rodenbeck

Dammann Medal: 27.06.1986

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