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PhD scholarships of EUR 1,300 per month

The Society of Friends awards one to two one-year PhD scholarships of 1,300 EUR per month to students of the PhD programs

  •     Veterinary Research and Animal Biology,
  •     Systems Neuroscience and
  •     Animal and Zoonotic Infections.

These scholarships are an important part of the promotion of young scientists by the Society of Friends and are aimed at students who see their professional focus in science and research. With this call for applications, the Society of Friends would also like to encourage TiHo institutions to support the PhD programs of the Hannover Graduate School for Veterinary Pathobiology, Neuroinfectiology and Translational Medicine (HGNI).

The form of the PhD program originated in England and the USA and has long since gained worldwide recognition. In addition to doctoral work, it includes extensive training in the associated field as well as interdisciplinary training. The PhD program serves to qualify students for independent, in-depth scientific work and leads to an expanded professional qualification for tasks in research and related activities.

It is open to persons who have successfully completed university studies in veterinary medicine, medicine, natural sciences and agricultural sciences, who can demonstrate an above-average academic performance and whose previous career shows a special aptitude as well as a high motivation for scientific work.