2nd and 3rd Semester

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4th Semester = Master's dissertation (30 CP)

The Master's thesis contains the experimental reasearch of a topic with scientific methods as well as a disputation of 30 minutes.

Please refer to the hints for the completion of the Master's thesis in study course MSc Animal Biology and Biomedical Sciences and fill out corresponding registration form.

Following the decision by the Animal Protection Committee of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover (TiHo), the Master theses in “Animal Biology and Biomedical Sciences” which are completed at the TiHo should now also be reviewed. Hereby, the Animal Protection Officer of the TiHo as well as the respective scientist should review content relevant to animal protection with the aid of the animal protection information sheet.

Before commencing with the practical work, the completed information sheet together with a summary of the thesis should be presented to the Animal Protection Officer so that a decision is able to be reached whether an animal testing notification or an approval application from the responsible authority is necessary or a notification of killing has to be handed in to the Animal Protection Officer or whether nothing of the sort is required.