The M.Sc. Study Course Animal Biology and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover (TiHo) is a research-orientated study course and lasts four semesters. The workload of the entire study course amounts to 120 Credit Points (CP), i.e., circa 3,600 hours of study. The study time is divided up into attendance time (lectures, practicals, seminars etc.) and own study (time for preparing for and following up lectures). The M.Sc. study course at the TiHo is a sequential modularly designed course. It enables a specialism in one of three main subject areas:

  • Evolution, biodiversity and behaviour
  • Cell biololgy, developmental biology and neurobiology
  • Infection biology


In the 1st Semester teaching content from all three main subject areas as well as interdisciplinary modules are offered. In the 2nd Semester the students choose five modules from at least two main subject areas (see Module Table). The research weeks in the 3rd Semester (see Module Table for choice) serve as preparation for the practical research for the Master’s dissertation.

Most teaching courses are held in English. A good command of English is therefore a requirement for admission to the study course.


In the 1st Semester the course “Animal Protection and Planning Animal Experiments” is run for all students. Additionally, the course FELASA B is optionally offered insofar as it is necessary for the further course of study.


C=compulsory; CV= compulsory electives Workload in hours CP
1st semester (Winter Semester)    
Lectures Evolution, Biodiversity and Behavior (C) 180 6
Lecture series Cell Biology, Developmental and Neurobiology (C) 180 6
Lecture series infection biology (C) 180 6
Animal welfare and planning of animal experimentation (C) 150 6
Key competencies (C) 90 2
Biometry and experimental planning (lectures and tutorials) (C) 120 4
Total 900 30
Work placement in the semester vacation (recommendation) (optional)    
2nd semester (Summer Semester)    
Immersion course (five modules from at least two main subject areas have to be taken, two weeks full-time, each with lectures and a course, one week follow-up; group size each max. 10 students    
Main subject area: Evolution, biodiversity and behaviour (CE) each 180 each 6
Main subject area: Cell biology, develpomental biology and neurobiology (CE) each 180 each 6
Main subject area: Infection biology (CE) each 180 each 6
Total 900 30
Work placement in the semester vacation (recommendation)    
3rd semester (Winter Semester)    
Research weeks: Reasearch in Animal Biology) choice of two blocks each seven weeks fullt-time (CE) each 450 each 15
Total 900 30
Work placement in the semester vacation (recommendation)    
4th semester (Summer Semester)    
Carrying out research and writing up the Master's disseration and viva voce (CE) max. 6 months 30
Total   120