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Veterinary Education

Veterinary education is regulated by the Regulations for the License to Practice Veterinary Medicine (TappV) - BGBl. 2006 part I, no. 38. The standard period of study is five years and six months (11 semester) according to § 1 para. 2 no. 3 TAppV.


The study consists of:

  • a scientific-theoretical component of four years at a university and
  • a practical component
    • 150 hours in at least 4 weeks in a curative practice or an animal clinic
    • 75 hours in at least 2 weeks in the hygiene control and food control and inspection
    • 100 hours in at least 3 weeks in the ante- and post-mortem inspection at the slaughterhouse
    • 75 hours in at least 2 weeks in the public veterinary service
    • 700 hours in at least 16 weeks in a curative practice, clinic or as practical training
  • 9th and 10th semester as “practical year” amongst other things with clinical training for 10 weeks
  • 11th semester as exam semester


The veterinary education includes the following exams:

  • Veterinary preliminary exam
    “Vorphysikum“ = scientific section and
    “Physikum“      = anatomic-physiological section
  •  Veterinary exam
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