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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Studying

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What qualification do I need for a veterinary medicine study?
    The general higher education entrance qualification (high school graduate), a subject-related university entrance ((Immaturenprüfung) or a corresponding vocational educational background
  • How long does the study last?
    The standard period of the study is 11 semesters incl. internships and exam.
  • Is Latin knowledge a prerequisite?
    No it isn`t. New students without Latin proof complete the compulsory course "Tiermedizinische Terminologie” in the first semester.
  • Where do I apply?
    At the Universitiy admission Foundation:
  • Does a random selection procedure take place?
    Yes, it does. Participation must be applied for between September 15 and  October 15 of this year in written form (it is sufficient to send a post card directly to the university, address see above).
  • Where do foreign students apply for admission?
    Applicants from EU member states at (see above);
    Applicants of other states directly at our university (do not use Uni-Assist)
  • How is the waiting time calculated?
    The waiting time is the number of semesters elapsed since obtaining the higher education entrance qualification. Only the semesters spent at another university are deduced.
  • Is it possible to complete training during the waiting time?
    Yes, it is. The training period is counted as waiting time.
  • What does the motivation test involve?
    The test does not involve specialist questions, it lasts 30 minutes and consists of a two-part computer-based test, and is composed of a questionnaire about personality features and interests and inclinations. It is not a knowledge or intelligence test.
  • Are internships required prior to studying?
    No, proofs of internships are not required und are not considered as selection criterion. Compulsory internships must be completed only during the study according to the examination and study regulations.
  • Must special university fees be paid for a second degree?
    There are no separate regulations until the standard period of study plus 4 tolerance semesters (= 15 university semesters) is reached. The university semesters previously matriculated, however, are included in the calculation.

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