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Lateral entry

The lateral entry into a higher semester requires recognized study and exam performances. This is possible by study of veterinary medicine abroad or performances and exams in a subject-related university study (e.g. biology, agricultural sciences, agricultural biology). The accreditation of at least one semester entitles one to apply for the next higher semester directly by the veterinary medicine educational institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany.


Important note for applicants who started study of veterinary medicine abroad (e.g. Budapest, Antwerp, Ghent):


An application for admission can be made no earlier than for the third semester because there is no equivalence after the first semester for the application to the second semester.


Including the proof of the higher education entrance qualification (high school graduate) and the proofs obtained (performance overview) of the study so far, the application for accreditation of study performances and times must be directed in written form to:


Stiftung Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover
Dezernat Studentische und Akademische Angelegenheiten
Bünteweg 2, 30559 Hannover


The generated accreditation notice is subjected to charge and is sent by cash on delivery!


One semester is accredited for those who can prove accredited study performances for all compulsory courses, especially internships (certifications) of the examination subjects of the “Vorphysikum” (chemistry, physics, botanic, zoology). The performances must be equivalent to that of the veterinary medicine study. It must be internships in which the applicant has participated regularly and successfully.


Two semesters would be accredited if examinations were taken in all subjects of the “Vorphysikum” (chemistry, physics, botanic, zoology) in the study so far.


Three semesters are accredited for those who in addition to the mentioned examinations of the “Vorphysikum” prove several internships (certifications of the subjects: anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, histology/embryology, animal breeding and genetics) of the third and fourth semester.


Four semesters are accredited for those who prove the “Vorphysikum” and all internships (certifications) of the mentioned subjects of the first four semesters. Exams additionally passed in the subjects of the “Physikum” can also be accredited.


In case of proof of further study and exam performances from the clinical study sections, the decision is made case-by-case.


Please note:

The accreditation notice is valid only for the issuing university.

The application (application of admission) for the next higher semester must be sent directly to our university.

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