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Admission to a Higher Semester

The application for admission to a higher semester must be submitted not later than January 15 for the summer semester and July 15 for the winter semester.


An admission to the third semester can only be granted with the proof that the scientific section of the veterinary preliminary exam (“Vorphysikum“) was passed. Prerequisite for admission to the fifth semester is the proof that the anatomic-physiological section of the veterinary preliminary exam (“Physikum“) was passed.


The number of free places to study results from the difference between the registered students in the respective semester and the given admission quota for the first semester according to the Regulation of Admission Quotas (ZZ-VO).


In case of free places to study, admission is granted according to the Regulation for the Allocation of Places to Study by the Universities (“Hochschul-Vergabeverordnung”). Accordingly, those who change universities – applicants who are/were registered for veterinary medicine at another German university - are to be considered first of all. Afterwards, applicants who started the study abroad as a German national are taken into consideration and then those who changed subjects.


As experience shows, a large number of applicants face up to a rather small number of free places to study at our university.

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