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The Study of Veterinary Medicine

The study of veterinary medicine is a study course with national restriction. The application for approval must be exclusively made by the University Admissions Foundation (SfH).


The allocation always takes place only in the winter semester.


Prerequisite is a university entrance qualification according to § 18 of the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act (NHG):

  • Higher education entrance qualification (High School Graduate)
  •  Access to higher education due to prior vocational training:
    • Master
    • State certified technician
    • State certified  business economist
    By providing the proof for these three degrees mentioned, the application can be filled out directly via
    • after completion of a triennial recognized training and a subsequent at least triennial professional activity in an occupation professionally related to the study course veterinary medicine (e.g. farmer, animal keeper, animal farmer, VMTA, MTA, CTA). By providing the proof for a training and a subsequent professional activity, an informal application is to be sent first to our university (see address on the right) to assess the relevance of previous studies and to determine the average grade prior to the application via The application should be accompanied by:
      • Proof of completed training with average grade (certified copy)
      • Proof of professional activity of at least three years from the employer(s)

Following a positive decision, the application for admission to the study must be made at the University Admissions Foundation by May 31 or July 15 at the latest.


In case of degrees earned outside the Federal Republic of Germany, a letter of recognition of the competent authority is required and the proof of German language skills (e.g. German language exam required for university admission(DSH), Test of German as a Foreign Language (TestDaF-level 4) or the Central Advanced Language Test of the Goethe-Institute.


The exams of the study to be taken are carried out according to the Regulations for the License to Practice Veterinary Medicine (TappV) of 26 July 2006 (BGBl. 2006 part I, no. 38).

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