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Lectures and seminars

You have to visit following seminars
(look §6 der Promotionsordnung Dr. rer. nat):


Key qualifications:

(English, rhetoric/ presentation techniques, biostatistics, laboratory animal science):

Please look at study guide of the graduate school HGNI.


Alternatively, your former seminars in these topics would be accepted, please send us your crtificates.


(Form "Key qualifications")


Doctorate seminars:

Overall, you have to visit seminars with volume of  72 hours, most of them in your institute.


At least 9 seminars (=18 hours) in 3 years are central seminars for all Dr.rer.nat.-students. At two times, you have to present your project (in English) .

Room: Institute for Food Toxicology and Analytical Chemistry, library (2. OG, building 123, Campus Braunschweiger Platz, Bischofsholer Damm 15, 30173 Hannover)


Please, let confirm your attendances every time!
(Form Seminars, Form presentations).


Next Dr.rer.nat.-Seminar (every time 14 -16 Uhr)




15.04.2016, 24.06.2016, 26.08.2016, 28.10.2016, 09.12.2016


Registration of your presentation: Please inform the coordinator timely, because only three presentions per seminar are possible!

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